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Some of these chemicals include cyanide, benzene, methanol, ammonia, formaldehyde and acetylene Merrill Other deadly substances that are found in cigarettes include carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide gases which are very poisonous.

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The most active component of a cigarette is nicotine. Nicotine is a very addictive compound. Cigarette smoking can cause several problems such as cancer, lung damage and heart infections among many other diseases. Research also indicates that more than thirty percent of the deaths that result in the United States occur due to the use of tobacco.

Cigarette smoking also causes eighty seven percent of the deaths that result due to lung cancer. Other types of tobacco-related cancers include mouth cancer, cancer of the larynx, cancer of the throat and esophagus and cancer of the bladder. There is also a very close connection between cigarette smoking and the occurrence of the cancers of the kidney, pancreas, stomach and the cervix.

Cigarette smoking can also cause lung damage which begins at the early stages of smoking. Smoking is linked to many dangerous lung infections which are just as perilous as lung cancer.

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These infections include emphysema and chronic bronchitis which cause difficulties in breathing and may even cause death. Cigarette smoking also augments the risk of heart infections which stand out as the major causes of deaths in the U. Out of all the risk factors of heart infections, i. In addition, low levels of cigarette smoking which may not be able to cause lung infections are capable of damaging the heart.

Therefore, second-hand smokers also stand a very high chance of getting heart infections. As stated earlier, Section of the government code affirms that smoking is proscribed in all public buildings and within 20 feet from entry points of buildings in all campuses Merrill Even though this ruling is good, it is not sufficient because it seems to discriminate the innocent second-hand smokers who continue to suffer from cigarette smoke which pollutes the air around them.

Cigarette smoking has also very detrimental effects to the real smokers and therefore they should be able to accept this ban because it is meant for their own good. Though it is very hard to ban citizens from doing something which is legally right, smoking should be gradually banned in campuses so as to protect the non-smokers.

This is because campuses are public places which consist of both smokers and non-smokers.

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My stand on this issue differs significantly from my opponents who believe that smoking should be allowed in some prescribed areas in campuses. My stand is that cigarette smoking should be banned in campuses because it impacts negatively on the non-smokers. Banning of cigarette smoking in campuses would enable the non-smoking citizens to enjoy the delight of breathing unpolluted air. According to the report of the World Health Organization WHO , smoking causes the death of one million people each year. This habit is one of the main causes of cancer in the United States.

You may use all these facts to come up with topical effects of smoking thesis statement.

Now, there are more and more people who are strongly negative about alcohol and tobacco. They bring smartness, sportiness, simplicity and courtesy in communication with others into fashion. Such persons are guided by a healthy lifestyle, a job that develops creative talents and leads to the realization of abilities. Thus, they resist habits which weaken a will and stultify an intellect. Writing a smoking cause and effect essay, you can describe the psychology of the tobacco fans at various stages of the addiction progression.

When a person first touches a cigarette, he does not think about serious consequences. Careless about a health, a smoker considers himself invulnerable, especially since effects of smoking appear not immediately but after a few years. They depend on an intensity and duration of smoking, a number of cigarettes per day, a depth of inhalation of tobacco smoke, etc. Most people tend to be optimistic. Being healthy, they usually believe that they will always feel good, and diseases are inherent to other, weaker, more sensible persons.

But, alas, this opinion is not justified.

Stop Smoking Essay

Your smoking effects essay should lead readers to the thought that it's worth taking preventive measures and abandoning bad habits because cigarettes worsen the health slowly. Scientists cite the following data: if tobacco tar would be extracted from one thousand of cigarettes, up to 2 milligrams of a strong carcinogenic substance will be found in it.

This dose is sufficient to cause a malignant tumor in a body of a rat or rabbit. If we consider that some people smoke up to 40 cigarettes per day or even more, they need only 25 days to smoke a thousand cigarettes. Of course, the human body has a large safety margin due to the presence of protective mechanisms which resist the influence of extraneous factors. However, some substances are still capable of causing an irreparable harm to the health. In most cases, everything starts in high school. Peaks occur at 14, 17 and 19 years old. You may write an informative smoking on college campuses essay.

Describe psychological factors that push young people to use tobacco. A slight decrease in the number of smokers is observed after 25 years. Men begin to sharply limit the consumption of cigarettes from years. After 45 years, they quite often refuse to smoke at all. This happens with most of women 5 years later. Mention that it is not so difficult to quit a bad habit in your persuasive essay on smoking. Sports, traveling, lack of contact with smokers will help to get rid of a tobacco addiction, threat of cancer, chronic bronchitis, and other diseases.

While people inhale the smoke of a cigarette, the temperature on its end reaches 60 degrees and more. In such thermal conditions, the tobacco and paper smolder. About harmful substances are formed including carbon monoxide, soot, benzopyrene, formic, hydrocyanic acid, arsenic, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, acetylene, radioactive elements. Smoking one cigarette is equivalent to staying on a busy highway for 36 hours. Write about it if you want your smoking persuasive essay to be really convincing.

A cigarette usually contains several milligrams of nicotine.

What is interesting: when the nicotine level is low, the frequency and depth of inhalations is larger and vice versa. Smokers tend to saturate the body with a certain quantity of the drug. The desired psychological effect is achieved then: a positive mood, calmness and comfort. But the carbon monoxide influences the respiratory pigment of blood — a hemoglobin. The resulting carboxyhemoglobin is unable to transfer oxygen.

As a result, respiration processes are disordered. It is observed that, when smoking a pack of cigarettes, a person accepts more than milliliters of carbon monoxide into the body. Thus, all the organs of the smoker constantly suffer from the anoxic diet. We get only a quarter of a toxic dose from the smoke. However, it is already a sufficient reason to write a smoking in public places essay.

Many people do not agree with the fact that their health is poisoned without permission. If tobacco fans do not take care for their own organisms, they should not have any right to harm others. Nicotine gets to the brain after 7 seconds from the first inhalation. At first glance, it improves the connection between brain cells facilitating the transfer of nerve impulses. Thinking processes are temporarily stimulated by nicotine, but then they are permanently blocked. After all, the brain needs rest. Shifting the habitual pendulum of mental activity, the smoker inevitably senses the reverse effect.

But the cunning of nicotine is not only in this. Further worsening manifests itself on the background of the prolonged smoking. The brain gets used to constant inflows of the drug which facilitates its work to some extent. Then the body begins to demand the nicotine, does not want to work on its own. The law of biological laziness comes into a force. Like a drunkard who has to "feed" the brain with an alcohol to maintain a comfort state, the smoker is forced to "pamper" himself with the nicotine.

Otherwise, the anxiety, irritability, nervousness will appear. Willy-nilly, you will smoke again.

Smoking (for Teens) - KidsHealth

A stop smoking persuasive essay should encourage readers to avoid this insidious trap. Respiratory organs are first to suffer from a tobacco attack. Passing through the respiratory tract, the smoke affects mucous membranes of a throat, a nasopharynx, a bronchus trachea, as well as a pulmonary alveolus.

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The Constant irritation of a bronchial mucosa can trigger the development of a bronchial asthma. The Chronic inflammation of an upper respiratory tract, a bronchitis accompanied by debilitating coughing - the destiny of all smokers. Undoubtedly, a link between smoking and appearance of cancer of the lip, tongue, larynx, trachea was established.

In the past decade, the increasing concern of scientists and practitioners has been caused by the detrimental effect of the tobacco smoke components on a cardiovascular system - weakening of heart and blood vessels. Numerous experiments have shown that the level of corticosteroids, adrenaline and norepinephrine increases sharply after smoking cigarettes in comparison with the norm. These biologically active substances induce the cardiac muscle to work in a more rapid rhythm.