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Even if King Claudius truly felt remorse or regret for the death of his brother, he would not have married his dead brothers wife, Queen Gertrude. Scene II of act II includes another example of deception.

This scene consists of four characters, all of whom deceive the traumatized and depressed Prince and main character, Hamlet. This was to be carried out by Ophelia misleading Hamlet into thinking that they are alone, in the hallway in which Hamlet spends most of his time. Meanwhile Ophelia is well aware that her father, Polonius and King Claudius are hiding nearby eavesdropping on their conversation. Also, In Act I, sc.

Deceit in hamlet essay topics

II, Claudius and Gertrude ask Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Hamlets long time friends to speak with Hamlet and find out why has been so sepulchral. After Hamlet greets them joyfully, he asks them for the reasoning behind their visit.

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Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are not the only ones involved in this situation, making. Gertrude and Claudius unfaithful to Hamlet as well because it is they who brought Hamlets friends, knowing that his friends were most likely the only ones that would be able to get information out of Hamlet.

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They play tricks, and lie to one another. So one side of their face is who they truly are, and the other or the mask is who they deceive people into believing they are. Furthermore, when Hamlet finds out about the command letter that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are carrying to the King of.

Analysis Of William Shakespeare 's Hamlet

Then, without remorse, puts the note back in their possession. They brought upon themselves their ironic deaths because of their failure of being honest and loyal towards their friend Hamlet. A shape shifter is a type of character whose identity or allegiance changes and is often unclear. Their personality has changed from loyal childhood friends to deceptive and backstabbing snakes. In conclusion, their ironic deaths are the price they pay for being dishonest and disloyal towards a good friend.

Another character that uses deceit often as a means of investigation is Polonius. These acts of personal conduct have resulted in his death. He is also hoping that Laertes will, in due time, open up to Reynaldo about his secrets and Reynaldo can then report back to Polonius. King Claudius, in the presence of Polonius, says: For we have closely sent for Hamlet hilter.

Also, from this scene, we can see that Polonius does not care for his daughter because he has agreed to use her in order to get closer to Claudius. To him, she is like a mere pawn in a chess game that is only used to protect the king, Polonius. In connection to the Jungian Literary Theory, Polonius represents a shadowed character in the play. Moreover, Polonius is the representation of a failed mentor. A mentor is defined as someone, usually older and more experienced, who advices and leads a younger, less experienced person into the right path.

Claudius’ Deception

As a father, he gives outstanding advices to Laertes. He also admonishes his son to be sociable but not necessarily friendly with everyone. However, along with many other advices from lines 63 through lines 84, Polonius himself does not act in accordance to his own words, hence the phrase, failed entor. This kind of behavior is not upright and definitely not honorable. In the end, he is ultimately punished and pays for his exploitive actions by the means of his own death. Throughout this play, it is evident that lying and deceiving others usually have disastrous endings.

Shakespeare tries to shows his readers that the lies and deception that Hamlet performs towards his parents and his lover as a result of his inability to act sooner has resulted in his tragic death. However, it is evident that deception is not the path someone should take in order to complete a goal. It goes without saying that our actions could create unintended consequences in our lives.

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