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Dissertation topics for dba

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How to Approach Writing a Case Study Research Paper

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Essay liver test function, mosaic biology ap essay fluid model, free for template business web business plan, template resume engineer test software. Kulit literature wayang review, essay bluest eye theme the, found resume image no, resume my ssn. To say that it looks bent is to say that light reflected from the stick arrives at one's eye in a crooked pattern. In short, the stick can have more than one appearance. But the appearance of a stick isn't necessarily a sense-datum in my mind, merely a pattern of ordinary light.

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A similar argument can be made about the bluish color of distant hills. Hills, like anything, can appear with many different colors; but the color is simply the wavelength of light as it reaches my eye. If the light from the green hills has to traverse many miles, then it may be bluish on meeting the observer's eye. There is no need to posit bluish sense-data: only bluish light, which comes from the hills. The hills would reflect green light to a nearer observer's eyes.

Consider the case of pressing on your eyeball with a finger, creating a double image. Undeniably, such doubled vision implies that there are two of something.

But assuming the existence of two sense-data is unnecessary under this paradigm. Instead, the direct realist can say that they have two eyes, each giving them a different view of the world. Usually the eyes are focused in the same direction; but sometimes they are not. Each eye may see things in a different way. It does not imply two visual sense-data in the mind; only that there are two slightly different acts of vision occurring. Similar things can be said about the coin which appears circular from one vantage point and oval-shaped from another. The same coin can reflect different patterns of light to an eye.

It does not imply two different sense-data. Rather, the coin is being perceived in two different ways. However, this response to the Argument from Illusion can also be somewhat dismissed, as the realist in question has presumably based all of his or her findings on previously observed data. Therefore, if one were to be able to observe nothing other than the stick in the water, with no previous information, it would appear rational to conclude that the stick was bent.

Expanding upon this, if all empirical evidence is based upon such types of observations over time, there is no reason not to believe that the entire developed memory and knowledge of every perception and of each sense is not equally as skewed as the bent-stick in the water. In summary, the bent-stick analogy is not to be taken as an example of one instance of the perception of reality within a realist spectrum, but rather as a metaphor for the entirety of reality itself. If this assumption is accepted, it must be recognized that it is possible that no level of empirical analysis can ever paint an accurate picture of reality; any more than a single visual image of a bent stick in water can paint an accurate picture of reality when excluded from all outside knowledge and memory.

This counter-argument returns the debate to its foundation, which is to rationally question the nature of reality itself, not just examples within the presumed realist theories of reality.