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In the case of substance abuse, there arise cases of counseling being a requirement of the court order or probationary condition. They also have to determine if the client has the necessary information to make a sound decision and their completeness to make rational conclusions.

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The information the counselor provides the client with influence, for example, the type of therapy the client will prefer. The counselor is obligated to provide the information, but not to make any attempt to manipulate the decision of the client. Spousal Abuse Spousal abuse occurs when a person is abused by hisr partner in one or a number of ways which may include physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, and economic mistreatment. When dealing with such a case, the counselor has to be aware of his personal values on the issue, and his obligation in upholding the code of conduct.

As any other person, a counselor may find himself angry when he hears about a person getting abused by their spouse. He may also have been a victim of abuse by the spouses in the past Therefore, when he is confronted with such a case, it invokes the past experience Pittis, The counselor may have had someone close got abused in the past. As a consequence, such counselors may experience feelings that impair with their efforts to efficiently with victims of such abuse. The counselor has to be aware that a client may have feeling of mistrust or trustworthiness due to his experience; therefore, the counselor needs to maintain a balance of support and distance.

The kind of experience the client may have undergone may impair their ability to make sound decision.

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This requires from the counselor to know the psychology of the environment and the client in order to understand their predicament. This enables the counselor to define the needs and state of the client. It allows to overcome his prejudices and be able to handle the issues of the client declining the kind of solution offered or facing uncooperative clients Nazareth, The counselor has to create non-exploitive counselor-client relationship in order to provide the client with necessary support to address the issues related to abuse.

The client may bring feelings from the past experience of neglect or abuse to the current relationship with the counselor. He may feel ashamed or have low self-esteem due to abuse. This may lead the counselor being overly taking towards him losing the objectivity of the client-counselor relationship Siecus, A counselor has to be careful and pay attention to the feelings and personal values of the people, in order to protect their clients and uphold an ethical approach to the issue.

Working with a client, the counselor may project own unresolved issues onto the client. Thus, the counselor needs to be firm with their boundary in order not to remain objective Gray, Suicide Suicide is a topic which can stir anger and controversy. People have various values and beliefs when dealing with suicide, and this defines their context to their view of suicide. Though it is considered unethical for a counselor to impose his personal values on the client, it is different when a situation involves suicide.

A counselor may endeavor to inflict his values on the client and disregard his view.

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Suicide prevention often tells more about the needs of the helper than about those of the suicidal individual. The counselor has to consider the best interest of the client when reviewing the rational suicide. This enables the counselor to prevent the suicide for the sake of the client instead of for the sake of prevention. Counselors are often put in a difficult situation when dealing with potentially rational client, because they have to rely on his intuitive judgment regarding the rationality of the decision as well as to hold the judgment of proper balance of values.

But sense to the identity is based on the emotional attraction, that is related to the conducts, and sense of belonging to a society of other individual who may share similar attractions. For several decades, sexual study of the topic have indicated that sexual identic ranges along the continuum, right from exclusive attraction to the opposite gender to the exclusive to the same gender.

These ranges of behavioral patterns and attraction have been defined in different cultures and states of the the world.

Most cultures have used the sexual identity labels in describing people who possesse those attraction patterns. In the United States, the commonly used labels are gay men attracted to other men, lesbian refers to the women who are sexually attracted to the other women, and bisexual concerns those who are attracted to both men and women equally.

What are Values, Morals, and Ethics? | Business Ethics, Culture and Performance

However, there are some people who use different labels while others do not use any. Sexual identity is significantly different from the other elements of sex and gender, which include the anatomical, genetic, and physiology traits that are associated with a given gender, gender identity-the psychological sense of belonging to a certain gender, and social gender for the cultural norms that describe masculine and feminine.

Sexual identity is usually discussed as a single characteristic of the person, such as biological sex, gender orientation, and age. This perspective of sexual orientation is not complete since sexual identity is described in terms of relationships among individuals. Different people have different ways of expressing their sexual identity through patterns of behavior with others, including some simple actions such as kissing or holding hand. Therefore, sexual identities are tied to the intimate individual relationships that meet deeply felt desire for intimacy, love, and attraction Exyley, In addition to the sexual behavioral patterns, these attractions include non-sexual affections between the members of a society, shared values and goals, commitment, and mutual support.

Thus, sexual identity is not just a personal trait within a person. The values and beliefs that a counsellor holds may be predominantly different from that of a client suffering from sexual orientation disorders. The counselor has to respect the choices and path the client wishes to pursue, but, at the same time, maintain a duty of care to the client. Sexual orientation and personal values are recognized by professional bodies such as the American Counseling Association ACA as significant domains of personal experience.

Philosophical themes include natural law and legal positivism, and the moral contempt of individual rights. For philosophers, it is necessary only when paired with Pre- or joint requirement: another course of philosophy or law 1 Normative ethics allows individuals to directly see legitimacy and malice by relying on natural law.

Essay 2: Personal Ethics and Decision Making

It is usually related to common law. Based on these assumptions, you can create an algorithm by replacing Kant's saying with Aristotle's virtue. Doing so makes it possible to conceptualize personality traits, then you can use a clear statement to explain the personal qualities associated with a particular moral quality. She said, her eyes were full of tears, I do not know whether I want it or not.

I often dislike her crying now. Pregnant women are more likely to cry, and nausea seems to be mediocre to her see "Alice Walker Abortion" on page Regardless of whether it is surrounded by my college days or my close friends, I believe that each of us encounters abortion problems and has its own personal opinion on this particular subproblem. Bioethics also called life-centered ethics is a field of morality focusing not only on species and biosphere but also on life itself. Based on this, bioethics defines the purpose of human protection and communication of life.

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These principles are related to bioethics and environmental ethics trying to protect existing species. These processes lead to self-multiplication, which is a useful purpose for humans to share with all life. Being a life means that humans protect and spread the purpose of life.

This objective defines basic moral values: actions to protect lives are good, and life-threatening behavior is evil. Pan-Bioethics scales these principles to the universe, aiming to secure and expand the life of the Milky Way. Morality is the principle used by human welfare as a guiding principle of morals in the organization and in other fields. The value of the principle is to show honesty, trust, loyalty, fairness, mutual respect, and the people are responsible for care and existence.

The Internet has been a dream of human information for at least the past ten years, and it was a crowd of inexplicable criminals. This is mainly because the Internet lacks rules and laws. The general definition of the term "moral" defines important elements for human morality. Morals can be called specific values, standards, rules and agreements.

For example, it is a moral matter not to include illegal copies of software. Computer ethics is a set of ethics that regulates the use of computers. For computer users it is important to understand the ethical use of the work, the ethical use of resources and information, and the ethical use of school, company, and employee information.

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There is a set of rules called "Computer Ethics Ten Commandments" - these rules are self explanatory. These commandments are as follows. Worth is to identify things that are worthwhile and value In this case, when there is contradiction of value, the tradeoff is important and it is not so important. The opinion stated in this article does not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of the organization to which Dr.


Basathi belongs. A career of social work requires a strong belief in personal values. Professional ethics is the core of social work. Professionals are obligated to clarify their basic values, ethical principles, and ethical standards.