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But my busy schedule kept me pre-occupied and therefore I learnt to cope up with the baseless fear of my result and my dilemma. Soon it was time to be ready to plunge into a new phase of life and after an enriching summer vacation, I was fresher, stronger and mature. This is how I constructively spent my summer vacation and enjoyed every moment of it too.

The Power of Compelling Scenes

Last year I went to ooty with my parents. It was my one of my memorable day in my life. In my vacation I saw lot of wild animals. My last vacation with my parents was bhopal. We all were planning for trip.

Write a Good Travel Essay. Please.

We have finally decided for bhopal. We were very excited about trip. We had completed our packing for the trip. Bhopal is the capital of the madhya pradesh.

Topics for a Personal Narrative Essay | Synonym

It is situated in the center of the india. It is good place. There are many places to visit. Bhopal is very beautiful place. It is the essential part of the madhya pradesh. Finally, we arrived the bhopal. We started our journey to next day. We visited many places. We enjoyed many rides. We walked many gardens, park. We went in the summer. There was so hot.

We enjoyed water park. I visited many places with my family but it was the best place.

We enjoyed together. We learned many things. We visited zoo. We saw many animals, snakes. We enjoyed every moment that we spent here.

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It was the best experience. I have shared.

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In recent years Natural calamities have taken a heavy toll of lives and this is something quite shocking. Earthquakes, tsunami and floods batter some islands like Indonesia again and again. As waves raise to some meters people walking by the side of the beach are washed away and the houses build of thatch disappear leaving no trace of inhabitants in them.

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What a sorry state of affairs! During Indonesian tsunami a woman who was standing near the sea with a baby in her hands said that the baby was plucked away from her by the waves while she survived. How cruel is nature sometimes. It was the month of October , we all were having discussion for family trip. After having a discussion we all have decided to visit vrindvan. Then there comes moment when we start our journey from ambala for vrindwan. We had a lots of fun during the journey. After completing the travel of 4 hours 30 minutes we finally reached to our destination which is one hotel with the name of sp residency on which we have booked our reservations.

We all got exausted because of journey so we all have planned to visit next day. After having a dinner we all moved in our rooms for sleep. Next day in morning after having a discussion we all have decided to visit bank bihari temple which is very famous.

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We all were excited a lot because it's a trip which comes after very long time. We have booked a one cab from our hotel for bank bihari temple and in half an hour we finally reached. After doing a Darsham of bank bihari, we all have planned to have lassi. Lassi was too delicious. While having a lunch in one of nearest restaurant a one person has shared about nikunj van which is also nearest to the place. We all moved there to see that place. The place was really superb which is situated near to bank of yamuna river.

It was around 6 pm of the evening when we reached iscon temple. It's was so delighted experience to visit iscon temple in the night. We came back to our hotel and decided to sleep next day we have to do parikarma. In the early morning around 6 am we have started our parikarma of giriraj Parvat. It took us around 4 or 5 to complete the parikarma. My last vacation was wrangle.

Vacation Essay

We plan with my friends,me and my 4 friends went by our own transport car stated by morning 7. We reached the destination by Participate in Essay writing. You can participate in Essay writing by clicking on the button below.

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Avoid extra spaces. Your essay should not be less than and not more than words The essay should be the original work and it should not be copied from anywhere. Guide on Essay writing Links:. Sai Mona 19 Oct, AM. My last vacation with my parents When my summer vacation starts we went to Udipi which is in Karnataka state. Please Give any reply. Typo Analysis WPM. Other Analysis 1 Min.

Pooja 12 Oct, AM. Dhana 5 Oct, AM. Blah blah. This essay is very helpful for lower classes. Julia 21 Jun, PM. Nida Shabab 3 Oct, PM. Nida shabab. Kaif Khan 29 Sep, AM. Q 22 Sep, AM. Ridha 4 Sep, PM. Sandhya Dangi 2 Oct, AM. Other Analysis 4 Min. Arulmozhi 18 Sep, AM. Ani 4 Sep, PM. Other Analysis 2 Min. Sri 14 Aug, PM. Bharat Sethi 13 Aug, PM. When we arrived in California I was very excited. We drove over to the hotel and got checked in and put our luggage in our rooms.

After that we all got in the car to drive over to Disneyland. We parked our car and took the shuttle over to the park.